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Due to the size of this catalogue we have split it into groups. However some connections may find that the shrubs section takes rather a long time to down load as there are in excess of 440 entries. 

For more information  including  colours, pot sizes and prices please use the catalogue order form.


Once again the season is upon us. We have been busy updating our stock and increasing our range of varieties. All items are grown in rigid black plastic pots. We use a high grade, well know compost containing grit, slow release fertiliser and wetting agent. A regular spraying programme is operated in conjunction with biological control. Our family business aims to provide you with good quality nursery stock at sensible prices. We supply mainly garden centres plus landscapers, public authorities and the trade. A wide range of varieties is usually available AYR but late spring will find our stocks of saleable size plants depleted. We can reserve items for you. New stock is available from this date but bear in mind that some are “containerised” e.g. some trees and 1+1 deciduous shrubs. Other species may be autumn potted, rooted but not the usual size. Also summer flowering varieties are pruned during January & February. Pot sizes may alter to those listed. We also gently trim elongated growth during growing season to ensure you receive nice bushy plants.

Terms and conditions of Business
This catalogue replaces all previous issues and is valid from 1st September 2000 until further notice. The varieties listed are offered subject to crop availability and being unsold upon receipt of order. It is very difficult to have everything at a saleable size throughout the year. Every endeavour is made to keep stock healthy and true to name. Our liability is limited to replacement or refund of price at our discretion. Any complaints must be within 3 days of receipt by telephone or fax and within 7 days in writing. Remember plants can dry out rapidly on warm days. Substitution will be made only where appropriate unless request not to do so. Prices are at 10 rate. Surcharge for under 5 plants of 1 variety 10% extra except trees and larger specimens. List prices include picture labels where available.

We use our own transport. Consignments to the value of £350.00 or over and within 80 miles of Wisbech delivered free of charge. Deliveries of less value and/or greater distances by arrangement with customer.

New customers are requested to provide 2 trade references and bankers details. As is usual business practice the first order should be paid for on collection or delivery.

Cheques Postal Orders and Bankers Draft should be payable to LEO ESSER & SON. All accounts are due net within 28 days of invoice date, after which a credit charge of 2% per month is payable. Proceedings will be taken to recover overdue accounts. Prices are exclusive of VAT which will be added at current rate. DISCOUNTS are available and are arranged on merit of quantities, collection, and/or immediate payment. 

The placing of an order whether verbal or written confirms full acceptance of the foregoing terms.

Customers are welcome to visit, select and collect on a cash and carry basis for 10% discount on list prices.

An advance telephone call would be appreciated.

We are normally open between 0730 - 1700 Monday to Friday, other times by arrangement.

 LEO ESSER AND SON hereby reserve the right to the property of any goods sold until payment of the price thereof is received in full.