garden shrubs and plants

Container grown
shrubs, climbers,
conifers, herbs, grasses and ornamental trees
Hardy perennials
and some unusual items.

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Essers of Wisbech


Hi! We are a small family business growing a wide range of container grown hardy ornamental nursery stock (H.O.N.S.). 

We sell our produce to garden centres, landscapers, parks departments, garden designers, the public and the trade.

We have wholesale and retail lists with over 500 varieties available supplying throughout East Anglia & East Midlands covering Cambridgeshire, Lincs, Norfolk, Leicestershire Suffolk, Essex, Nottinghamshire etc.

We operate a delivery service or cash and carry. Most plants have picture labels.

The Nursery is open Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm and weekends by arrangement.

We can also be found at many of the local Farmers Markets and Plant Fairs