garden shrubs and plants

Container grown
shrubs, climbers,
conifers, herbs, grasses and ornamental trees
Hardy perennials
and some unusual items.

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Farmers Markets and Plant Fairs
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Farmers Markets and Plant Fairs

We shall be at the following during 2008

8-30am to 2-00pm

8-30am to 3-30pm

8-30am to 2-30pm

12th April
10th May
14 th June
22nd March
12th April
26th April
10th May
24th May
14th June
28th June

28th March
11th April
25th April
9th May
23rd May

Extras on 5th Saturday of the month
29th March
31st May

Spalding Farmer's Market
8.30am to 3pm

Fridays 8am to 2pm

Spalding Gardener's
Sundays 9am to 2pm

5th April
3rd May
7th June

11th April
6th April
4th May
1st June

8.00am to 2.30pm



19th April
17th May